Quinta das Lavandas  

Castelo de Vide • Alentejo and Ribatejo

On the heart of Alentejo, Lavanda is the main protagonist…

Quinta das Lavandas

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With 20 hectares and unique location this farm is part of a project that has Lavandas as its main protagonist.
With nearly 65000 lavender plants with two varieties (“Lavanda angustifolia” and “Lavandim grosso bleu”) that have as its main objective the production of natural oils and the confection of traditional products.

Quinta das Lavandas is the result of the will of two people, Teresa Tomé and Estevão de Moura, they have planed and believed on a unique and innovative project. The house and the buildings next to it have been converted for agro tourism and are perfectly positioned on this marvelous place. Here one can rest, enjoy the 7 bedrooms, the living rooms, the pool and many other agricultural and leisure activities.
On Jardim das Alfazemas you can see the greatest collection of lavender in Portugal, with more than 40 varieties of lavender from the most diverse colors (white, pink, red, purple, etc.) and shapes. The garden is a magnificent sight and a delight to your senses. On the surrounding area are multiple activities: bird watching, walks (trough dams, the river, the mountain ranges) and hippodromes that encourage exploring the region and to discover the hidden Alentejo.
Quinta das Lavandas also has an alembic for the distillation of the oils from the lavenders produced on the farm. Seeing it being distilled during the flowering months using the steam dragging techniques is one of the activities we propose to our guests and visitors.
Occupying free time is not a problem on Quinta das Lavandas. Located on an amazing region, with signs of occupation since immemorial times and historical artifacts from several eras, the difficulty will be to choose what to do. But, between walking and observing the pre historical sites located near the farm, taking a bath on the Póvoa and Meada dam, walking on the middle of the rock encrusted mountain, watching the night sky, see the sunrise or the moon, ride bicycles, the choice is yours.
Quinta das Lavandas will stay on your memory by the intensity of its colors and the aromas that inspire and give comfort.
Sharpen your senses and feel the joy of the country life.


  Garden   Walks   Bycicle Rides
  Meals Per Request   Swimming Pool   Playground
  Parking Space   Horse Riding   Air Conditioner
  TV   Jacuzzi   Fireplace
  Internet   Speaks English   Speaks Spanish


Type of House Country Chic
Guest limit14
Number of rooms7
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AccommodationCapacityTotal Price
Duplo 2 From  € 110 / night
Duplo 2 From  € 110 / night
Duplo 2 From  € 100 / night
Duplo Sup. 2 From  € 135 / night
Twin 2 From  € 110 / night
Twin 2 From  € 110 / night
Twin 2 From  € 110 / night



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