Casa da Gaiba  

Ponte de Lima • Oporto and North of Portugal

Casa de Gaiba has gone through a thorough renovation so it can welcome with open arms those that wish to find the beauty of its region.

Casa da Gaiba

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This ancient rural house has been thoroughly remodeled to offer a rustic environment on the beauty of the countryside, gathering all the requirements for a fantastic stay.
The building is made of stone, covered in clay roof tiles, it was restored from an ancient rural house next to the Estorãos river on a magnificent valley between the Arga and Antelas mountain ranges, on a region rich with history. Surrounded by a fence and a well kept garden, where a veranda with whicker armchairs offers many opportunities to rest, under the cover of a magnificent stone roof. On the back you can find a small yard, also with a small porch, that gives entry to the kitchen.

The main entrance goes to a great common room, with a corner occupied by the fireplace. The kitchen is next to the living room and has an area for breakfast. Beautiful wooden stairs lead to the upper floor divided on two spacious bedrooms, both with bathroom.
On all of the house the decoration is homely, with furniture from the region. The living room has a great table, a sideboard, and a corner shelf with some pieces of ceramic. The kitchen retains some curious furniture, like a wooden plates support, and the old stone fireplace decorated with some traditional objects from the region.
Having a four people apartment Casa de Gaiba is a rustic building that suffered an extensive rebuilding, and repurposing so it can receive with open arms those who look for the beauty of the region.
The house that was carefully decorated with creative ideas and regional handcraft has a kitchen, living room and two comfortable bedrooms. The garden and it’s marvelous yard are inviting for those that wish to enjoy the sunset or simply to look at the surrounding landscape, close to the Estorãos river, and among the Arga and Antelas mountain ranges, or even exploring the protected are of Lagoas de Bertiandos e S. Pedro de Arcos. It also offers a wide array of activities from on foot walks, to bicycle rides, all of them on the middle of nature.


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  BBQ   Central Heating   Speaks Spanish
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Type of House Country Chic
Guest limit4
Number of rooms2
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